Sprouting seeds in microwaved water

Do seeds sprout in microwaved water?

I have heard that seeds won't sprout in microwaved water. So I did an experiment. I microwaved two cups of filtered tap water and let it cool to room temperature. I put one cup of sunflower seeds in each jar and soaked one batch of seeds in the microwaved water, the other in room temperature filtered tap water. I let them soak 8 hours, then rinsed each batch with filtered tap water two or three times a day. After four days you can see the microwave water batch - that's the one with the blue tape on it - is significantly less prosperous than the plain water batch. Obviously to be scientifically valid the experiment needs to be repeated multiple times, and I'd add a third batch, water that has been boiled in a pot on a burner. But honestly, I'm surprised. I truly didn't expect there to be any difference and don't have an explanation for it.

After another day, the microwaved water seeds have grown and caught up to the other jar. And I have a possible explanation. The non-microwaved jar may have gotten just a bit more light from the window the way the two jars were placed side-by-side in the dish drainer.

So more trials are clearly necessary.


Here's the image of my second, better controlled trial.

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