Data on American Terrorism

The American Terrorist Study was conducted in response to the domestic terrorist attacks of 911 and the lack of previous studies. Knowing the differences in terrorist helps to identify where new safety measures can be put in place to increase awareness and hopefully prevention of future attacks. Question: Do females terrorist have a different total number of indictments compared to male terrorist?

Ho: Females terrorist do not have a different total number of indictment compared to male terrorist.

Ha: Female terrorist have different total number of indictment compared to males.

Test used: T-Test

Conclusion: Based on the P value of .591 which is great than the alpha of .05 evidence supports the null . Women terrorist do not have a different number of total indictments compared to male terrorist.

Decision: Fail to reject the Null

It was found that the lack of information on women terrorist was substantial in this study…..Based on the data that was tested it was noted that the female sample size compared to the male sample size was skewed. There were only 10 females and 163 males. Had the samples sizes been closer together the decision could have been different.


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