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  • Developmental Biomechanics (Dr. M. von Dassow; Planned start: Feb. 10, 2015)

What challenge projects are:

Experienced researchers can post "Challenges" to get help solving a specific problem and aid the researcher in carrying out a larger study. Challenges are a special subset of Project pages, which will be highlighted prominently. Challenge projects: a) have significant scientific value, and b) follow guidelines that will make it easier and more enjoyable for both the challenger and other participants.

Researchers posing challenges:

  • Will be able to use the wiki to solve problems, with a format giving clear lines of authorship and contribution.
  • Have a tool to find collaborators outside their professional network, including skilled non-scientists, amateurs, and others.
  • Gain a new way to make their work have a broader impact on society.

Users who help solve challenge projects will:

  • Get to use their creativity and skills to advance significant, original research.
  • Be able to interact with people with shared interests, including the scientist who posed the challenge.
  • Get an entry point for research, by having a discrete problem to solve.

Proposing challenges:

Participating in challenges:

What is IGoR's role in challenges?

IGoR's sole responsibility is to list challenge projects. It is solely the user's responsibility to decide whether participating in the challenge is appropriate to their skills, local laws, and safety concerns. Challengers' sole responsibility is posing a problem, the solution of which will advance their larger research aims; however, they should monitor their page and provide feedback to participants.

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