• Fixed a problem where the tag for abandoned projects showed up most prominently on the front page tag list. -02/18/2015; Improved this fix so that the "abandoned" tag wouldn't show up prominently in the tag cloud on the tag pages. -3/16/2015
  • NEW FEATURE: Challenges! Also see this blog post. -02/11/2015
  • To keep things navigable, we've moved inactive projects to a new section. - 02/01/2015
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IGoR's latest blog post:

Projects, Challenges, and Cookies. posted on 12 Feb 2015 01:13 by Mickey von Dassow
I'll get to the cookies, but first I want to tell you about Projects vs Challenges, which are a special type of Project page. All Project pages are places where a group of people can coalesce around a question or idea to do research on that topic, with each person adding their own creativity and skill. (read moreā€¦)

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