Thoughts on possible changes?

Posted on 17 Jan 2015 00:36 by Mickey von Dassow

Pages were changed over 01/27/2015, but I'd still love to hear comments and suggestions!
And thank you to those who contacted me via email and/or on Facebook.

Please note that the text of the original blog post announcing the page changes has been deleted so that there won't be dead links to old drafts.

The changed pages are the front page, and the navigation/listing pages for Projects, Sparks, and Articles. I also added an FAQs page, and modified the about page. The approach to listing is a bit different for Articles, Sparks, and Projects. I haven't yet implemented ratings for Sparks, and I haven't started tagging them by field. There aren't enough articles yet to categorize by field. Comments on what works or doesn't work with these pages would be very helpful, as would suggestions for other improvements.

Thanks for your feedback!


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